Iron Studios:1/20《侏罗纪世界》- 暴龙攻击 场景雕像

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  Iron Studios:1/20《侏罗纪世界》- 暴龙攻击 场景雕像

Iron Studios:1/20《侏罗纪世界》- 暴龙攻击 场景雕像Iron Studios:1/20《侏罗纪世界》- 暴龙攻击 场景雕像

  Under the torrential rain of a storm in the wild Isla Nublar, a giant and relentless prehistoric carnivore predator was recreated in the present day by genetic engineering as an attraction of a safari and zoo theme park, after breaking its containment fence where it was locked, watches closely for a few seconds its first human prey, shaking with fear and despair because of a such unusual situation right before getting eaten. Iron Studios present the diorama statue “T-Rex attacks Donald Gennaro – Jurassic Park – Demi Scale 1/20”, with the most iconic dinosaur, the symbol of the Jurassic Park franchise, the Tyrannosaurus, or simply T-Rex, in the most shocking moment of its first appearance on the movie that started the trilogy in 1993, when it eats the greedy lawyer, Donald Gennaro.

  A lawyer that represented the investors of Jurassic Park, Donald Gennaro followed the endorsement team to inspect the viability and safety of the park. Having his reservations, he doesn’t believe in the attraction until he sees a Brachiosaurus up close and watches a presentation, Gennaro then changed his opinion, starting to see the park as an opportunity to get rich. Following the tour, he enters the Ford Explorer in his automatic path next to Hammond’s grandchildren. With a storm coming, the group should have returned to the Visitor Center, but the energy is cut down by the corrupt computer programmer Dennis Nedry, forcing the cars to stop in front of the T-Rex’s Paddock. While the children watch horrified the T-Rex eating a goat used for distraction, Gennaro, taken by his cowardness, abandons them and runs to hide inside of a close public toilet, sitting on a toilet seat. Without the electric fences to hold it, the T-Rex escapes and attacks the car where the children are, and, to save them, the mathematician Ian Malcolm tries to lure and distract the animal with a flare gun, causing it to run away in the bathroom’s direction, where the giant carnivore hits with its head, making the whole structure fall apart next to Gennaro. He tries to stay still while sitting on the toilet, but the movement of drying his eyes from the falling rain draws the attention of the T-Rex, that bites into the upper part of his body and eats him.

  Based on the story of the homonymous book by Michael Crichton, the awarded filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios impressed audiences all around the world in 1993 with the Jurassic Park movie premiere. Fans of the franchise, Iron Studios portray down to the tiniest details another unforgettable scene from this classic production on a Demi scale 1/20. Revealed first at CCXP 2022, this unmissable statue for fans and collectors is already available for Pre-Order. Check out other statues previously revealed also for Pre-Order this month, and soon more Jurassic news and much more by Iron Studios.

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